Korean Wrapping Paper 101

Korean Wrapping Paper is trending these days because its gorgeous, easy to use, and recyclable! A lot of the Korean style wrapping paper used outside of Korea is actually made in China, so the version of wrapping paper you are currently using may not be recyclable. However, we only sell the authentic Korean Wrapping Paper and every single style we sell is *recyclable.

Korean Wrapping Paper can be categorized into 4 major categories: The original thin style, the newer thick style, the even newer double sided style, and the base complementary style, which is the Non Woven Soft Style.

Waterproof Thin Style

This is the original style of Korean Style wrapping paper, which has been used for over a decade. This type of wrap is thinner and gives it a slightly transparent look for most of the colors.

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Waterproof Thick Style

If you want the color to be stronger, use the thick version of the color. You can use this style alone or even combine it with any other type of Korean Style Wrapping Paper.

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Waterproof Double Sided Style

The Double Sided style is not as commonly used as the other 3 types of Korean Style Wrapping Paper, but it is very popular in certain parts of the world.

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Non Woven Soft Style

This is commonly used in most Korean Style Flower Bouquets. This wrapping paper style can also solely be used when wrapping a bouquet, but most of the time acts as a complementary wrap to the other 3 types.

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What about the gold border style?

A “Korean Wrapping Paper Style” that has a gold border around the edges of the paper has become quite popular in certain parts of the world, but this type is not very commonly used in Korea. And florists and flower enthusiasts in South Korea prefer to mix solid colors in the flower bouquet designs. As far as we know, manufacturers in Korea are currently only creating the styles we have available on our website.

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*All of our products are recyclable, but it may not be recyclable in your region as not all recycling facilities recycle PP5.