Where was your Flower Wrap Made?

If you google, “Top Recycling Countries 2022”, South Korea is usually in the top 3 of any list. Our flower wrap is made in a country which has strict rules for manufacturers to follow, which helps minimize pollution.

What is your Flower Wrap Made of?

Our flower wrap is entirely made up of a recyclable material, polypropylene. After use, make sure to recycle.

Founder – Eunjung Choi (최은정)

Eunjung Choi, also known as Brandy Choi, is the co-founder of a world wide known flower shop in South Korea called Flower Gift Korea. Drawing inspiration from the top florists in South Korea, Brandy designed a lot of the flower designs sold by Flower Gift Korea today. Not only were countless flower designs made for family members, friends, and loved ones in South Korea, but countless flowers and gift packages were prepared for Kpop and Kdrama celebrities.

After moving to Canada in 2019 with her lovely son and husband, Brandy realized that good quality Korean Wrapping Paper was hard to find. She could only find “Korean Wrapping Paper Style” wrap that was NOT MADE IN KOREA. And so she vowed to make the wrapping paper that is used all over South Korea and is so well received by Korean celebrities, available for herself and for others in North America.

Note: Flower Gift Korea has been under new ownership since September 2018.

Our Team

Brandy and her husband Tony are very knowledgeable about all things Flowers and Flower Industry in South Korea. After selling Flower Gift Korea, they maintained close ties with key players in the flower industry in South Korea as they realized that Korean Wrapping Paper was gaining popularity all around the world.

You can see a few examples of Korean wrapping paper used in bouquets that were received by actual Korean celebrities below. The flower bouquets being held by the first two celebrities, and the one closest to the third celebrity were all designed by our founder, Eunjung (Brandy) Choi. And are the same Wrapping Paper available on this website.

Note: None of the Korean Celebrities below are affiliated with our website or the products we sell.

Chae Soo-bin - Korean Celebrity Actress

JeA (Brown Eyed Girls) - Korean Kpop Singer

Nam Ji-hyun - Korean Celebrity Actress