Frequently Asked Questions

How come your paper is cheaper than some of the Korean Wrapping Paper made in China?

We have done our best to offer the best price possible, while maintaining our quality of service.

Do you provide discounts for vendors or large purchases?

We pride ourselves on offering true wholesale pricing and are more than happy to reward our valued clients. We not only offer the lowest priced Korean Wrapping Paper, which is authentically made in Korea, but we also offer a wholesale pricing system that allows you to get up to 40% off on large orders. You can potentially pay as low as $0.32 (USD) / $0.47 (CAD) per sheet or $8.99 (USD) / $11.99 (CAD) per 15yard or 20yard roll. Click here to join our wholesale group and to get more information on how our wholesale pricing structure works.

Where is your Korean Wrapping Paper made?

As stated in various parts of our website, our Korean Wrapping Paper is made in South Korea. Since we ran our own successful flower business in Korea for many years, we were able to build relationships with many key players in the flower industry in South Korea. And we hope that florists and flower enthusiasts in North America will be able to enjoy the Korean Wrapping Paper style that we so love to use.

Is the Korean Wrapping Paper really recyclable?

All of the Korean Wrapping Paper we carry is 100% recyclable in most parts of the world, including Canada and The US. Our Wrapping paper is created using a material called “Polypropylene”, which is classified as a recyclable thermoplastic polymer.

I haven’t received my order yet, when will it arrive?

It is best to check your email for the tracking number that is emailed with each order. Depending on your address, the time of the year, and the size of your order, shipment times can vary. You can learn more about the details by visiting our Shipping page.

What payments do you accept?

Our website accepts Google Pay, Apple Pay, and all major credit cards via Stripe Payments.

Will I be charged a sales tax?

If you are getting any of our wrapping paper delivered to an address in Canada, you will be charged the sales tax of your province, which may be PST, HST or GST. If you are getting your order delivered to an address outside of Canada, there will be no sales tax added to the order. The reason for this is because our operations are currently only based in Canada.

Will I get contacted by customs to pay an import tax?

Since we have partnered with an experienced courier provider, our packages are delivered without customs getting involved. We sometimes have to split up larger orders to ensure that delivery is made without getting held up at customs.

If I’m not happy with my purchase, can I get a refund?

We have a 30 day refund policy to ensure that purchasing Korean Wrapping Paper from us is a smooth and convenient process.

I am very interested in the wrapping paper, but I want to see samples. Do you send samples?

You can visit our showroom in Canada and see samples of all of the styles we carry. We can also send you up to 20 different styles for free. If you are interested in receiving FREE samples, click here for more info.