FREE Samples (Select up to 20 Styles)


It is FREE to receive our samples, but you will have to cover the delivery fee. Local pickup is available for FREE.

If you are already paying for an order, we will include the samples for FREE.

To order the FREE samples follow these steps:

  1. Add this product to your cart
  2. Checkout and pay for delivery or select FREE local pick up
  3. Come back to this page, scroll down, and select up to 20 samples
  4. Include your order number, email address and select delivery or free pick up
  5. We will contact you once your samples are ready for pick up or will include it with your order when it is ready

Important Info:¬†Choosing 20 samples can add 1-2 extra business days to delivery (usually only 1 or no business days are added though). If you don’t want to take a chance of having your delivery delayed, only select “Random 20 (No Delivery Delay)”.

In order for us to deliver your shipment in a timely manner, if we do not receive any info about your sample selection within 24 hours of receiving your order, we will assume you are okay with receiving a package of 20 random samples.


If you are already paying for an order that has paid or free shipping, and want to add samples, choose the 2nd option above.


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