Get 40% OFF and FREE Delivery by Pre-Ordering!!

*Exchange Rate is Approximate


Pre-Order Deadline: Pre-Orders Currently Unavailable

Order Received by Buyer: Within 2-3 weeks of placing your order


-Minimum spend of $300 CAD ($500 CAD Value after 40% Off)

-26 Korean wrapping paper rolls or equivalent of $500 CAD Value or more

-Valid offer for any order shipped to any address in Canada and The US

Value of Deal:

-26 rolls regular price = $519.74 CAD (roughly $385.99 USD) -> 40% off = $311.84 CAD (roughly $231.99 USD)

-Approximately $11.99 CAD per Korean Wrapping Paper roll (roughly $8.99 USD)

-Approximately $23.39 CAD per 50 sheets (roughly $17.99 USD)

All Products Can Be Pre-Ordered:

-Depends on stock availability for certain items that may not arrive in time

Two Ways to Order:

Method 1: Apply code ________________ when you checkout.

Code: ____________

Method 2: Email

Write the name of the product (it’s best to copy and paste from website) and write how many rolls (minimum 1 per style) or sheets (minimum 50 per style) you would like. And email us your request and include the delivery address. We will email you an invoice to pay.

Important Information:

-We MUST receive the full payment before the deadline. Only pre-orders that have been paid will be included with our 40% Off + FREE Delivery Orders.

-There are absolutely no refunds for this type of purchase. We can allow to exchange one style for another, but if you order a large quantity of styles that no one really uses, we have the right to decline the exchange. We will however make every effort to provide exchanges and have yet to decline any exchange requests.

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